How NIMS revolutionises telecoms number inventory management: A strategic asset for telecoms operators

Find out how Netaxis' NIMS helps telecoms providers improve their processes in number inventory and enhance customer satisfaction.

In the fast-paced world of telecommunications, engineers are constantly grappling with the challenges of number inventory management. The traditional methods of number inventory management, often manual and fragmented, are becoming obsolete in an era of rapid technological expansion and heightened customer demands. As telecoms services continue to grow, companies require a comprehensive understanding of their assets for efficient operations and cost management. This is particularly important for maintaining accurate billing and minimizing operational expenses.

This is where the Netaxis Number Inventory Management System (NIMS) steps in, offering a transformative solution.

The challenges in telecoms number management

The lifecycle of a telephone number is complex and dynamic by nature. Various states a number can exist are ‘Standby’, ‘Available’, ‘Reserved’, ‘Assigned’, ‘Ported Out’, and ‘Disconnected’. Transitions between these states, such as ‘Add’, ‘Remove’, ‘Reserve’, ‘Assign’, ‘Deassign’, and ‘Port In/Out’, reflect the actions that can be performed on a number. This flowchart represents the complexity involved in managing voice numbers, where each state transition must be accurately tracked to ensure regulatory compliance, efficient number allocation, and high-quality customer service.

Telecoms operators face several critical challenges in managing this important process:

  1. Inefficiency and scalability: Managing an ever-increasing volume of numbers with legacy systems leads to inefficiencies and scalability issues.
  2. Regulatory compliance: The telecoms sector, being highly regulated, demands strict compliance in number assignment and usage, adding complexity to the management process.
  3. Data integrity and quality: Ensuring the accuracy of number inventory data is vital, as errors can impact service delivery and customer trust.
  4. Customer experience: Customers now expect real-time provisioning and management of telecoms services, a demand that traditional systems struggle to meet.
  5. Cost management: Inefficient management results in underutilized number blocks and increased operational costs, including non-compliance penalties.

NIMS: The solution Netaxis inventory management system (NIMS)

NIMS addresses these challenges head-on with its cutting-edge, API-driven platform.


  1. Automated lifecycle management: NIMS tracks each number’s status throughout its lifecycle, from acquisition to decommissioning, ensuring regulatory compliance and operational efficiency.
  2. Advanced search and range suggestion: Its powerful search capabilities and range suggestion tools facilitate quick and accurate allocation of numbers, directly impacting customer satisfaction.
  3. Reporting and user management: With comprehensive reporting tools and granular user management, NIMS provides insights into number utilization and maintains high data quality and system integrity standards.
  4. Integration capabilities: Seamless integration with other systems like NPACT for Number Portability and Netaxis SRE (Session Routing Engine) ensures efficient workflows and data synchronization.

Benefits for telecoms operators

  1. Operational efficiency: Automated processes and streamlined workflows reduce the time and effort spent on number management tasks.
  2. Enhanced compliance and data quality: NIMS’s compliance-focused design and robust reporting tools ensure adherence to regulations and improve data accuracy.
  3. Improved customer experience: Quick, efficient number provisioning and the ability to meet customer demands in real-time significantly boost customer satisfaction.
  4. Cost-effectiveness: Optimized number utilization and reduced manual errors lead to significant cost savings and better resource management.

Use cases

NIMS is a solution that addresses a spectrum of scenarios across the telecommunications industry. Here are several use cases that exemplify its versatility and value:

1. Online number selection for customers

A service provider wishes to enhance the customer experience by enabling online self-service for number selection during the sign-up process. 

NIMS value

Automation through API orchestration plays a crucial role in simplifying this complexity. This saves time and significantly reduces the likelihood of human error. Furthermore, it makes it easier to roll out new services quickly, as much of the grunt work of network configuration can be automated.

2. Automated number provisioning for new services

A telecoms operator is launching a new VoIP service and needs to provision numbers to users as part of the onboarding process. 

NIMS value

With NIMS, the provisioning process is automated, reducing the onboarding time from days to minutes and ensuring a smooth rollout of new services.

3. Efficient large inventory management

A service provider wishes to enhance the customer experience by enabling online self-service for number selection during the sign-up process. 

NIMS value

By integrating NIMS, the provider can offer a real-time inventory display, allowing customers to select their preferred numbers instantly. This digital transformation elevates the customer journey from a passive to an active, engaging experience.

4. Regulatory compliance and reporting

Service providers must adhere to strict regulatory requirements for number assignments, facing potential penalties for non-compliance.

NIMS value

NIMS ensures that all number assignments are compliant with regulatory standards, and its reporting capabilities facilitate the generation of required documentation for regulatory bodies.

By addressing these varied scenarios, NIMS demonstrates its ability to streamline operations, enhance customer engagement, ensure regulatory compliance, and ultimately provide significant value to service providers. Its implementation can lead to not only increased operational efficiency but also an improved bottom line through cost savings and elevated customer satisfaction.


For telecoms engineers, NIMS is a strategic asset. It’s a solution that empowers them to tackle the complex challenges of modern telecoms number inventory management efficiently and effectively. By embracing NIMS, they can expect not only operational improvements but also a significant enhancement in their ability to meet customer demands and maintain compliance, all while managing costs effectively.

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