Fusion for Microsoft Teams

Simplify, automate and accelerate your platform for Operator Connect and Direct Routing.


Next Generation Teams solutions for Carriers Telcos Providers

Microsoft Teams is rapidly becoming the dominant option for Cloud-Native businesses, and those joining the race early will reap with biggest rewards. Find out how we make onboarding fast and simple.

Integrate Microsoft Teams with your Telecoms portfolio

Carriers and Telcos are experts at managing and processing huge volumes of voice call traffic, and it shouldn’t be any different when it comes to Teams. Operator Connect Network and OSS integration can be accelerated with extended APIs, process automation and self-service portals, making delivery and support intuitive and straightforward.

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Netaxis Solutions Microsoft Teams Voice Automation

Automate and Accelerate Teams Network Integration with SRE and APIO

With Netaxis APIO and SRE, you can ensure call traffic stays on your network and give customers the best possible experience in terms of features, quality and reliability.

Enterprise-grade solutions for Providers Enterprises

Make Voice calling work with Microsoft Teams by integrating simple automation and accelerated delivery.

Enterprises can now complete their transition to Microsoft Teams

Businesses can avoid inflexible native call packages, ensuring the best on-net rates and a great user experience through intuitive portals.
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Keep voice traffic “on-network” and manage routing scenarios with ease

Moving from the traditional PBX to Teams or operating in a hybrid model is not only feasible but more accessible than ever. Voice for Teams doesn’t have to be the end of the road for call revenue but opens up a new roadmap for bundling value-added services on top of Microsoft services. Intuitive, self-service portals and APIs extend opportunities for Teams.
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Ready to give voice to Teams?